Cyber Security Specialists

Checkmark cyber strategists and IT security experts - helping you navigate a rapidly changing digital world.

Cyber security services

Offensive cyber security services

The best way to test a company’s detection, prevention and response capabilities is to try and break in. We have been conducting penetration tests for over 15 years for clients, large and small across 5 continents.


We build out and test the clients ability to detect and adequately respond to attacks before or after they happen. Understanding the most current attacks occurring worldwide today allows us to build a customized defensive strategy with continual posture improvement


Building a cyber security roadmap can be an intimidating process. Whether you are just starting out on your security journey or have spent endless manhours securing your business, we guide our clients through the entire design, implementation and testing process. We use a risk based methodology which takes into account each clients risk tolerance

Meet the Checkmark Cyber founders

Rudi Dicks

Operations Director and Cyber security specialist

David Cohen

CEO and  Cyber Strategist