DAVID COHEN – CEO Checkmark Cyber

For the past 15 years David has been involved in building out and marketing various IT , Cyber security and analytics products both locally and on the African continent. With a special interest in Cyber forensics, intelligence and defensive/offensive cyber strategies , David and his team of cyber experts help companies improve their cyber resilience and ensure that their cyber posture reflects their risk appetite.

David became CEO of the Checkmark in 2015 where he focused his attention on building cyber centres of excellence together with his team of , cyber professionals’ data analysts and infosec experts. He initiated and manages  joint ventures with several large advisory firms  in South Africa and Africa. These cyber centres of excellence bring together cyber professionals, processes and technology to help clients del with the rapidly changing cyber and digital environment.

David plays a significant role in being a cyber and forensic evangelist, bringing awareness to organisations of the real threats that they need to prepare for. He has spoken at numerous conferences (local and international) on a wide range of cyber and business risk issues such as: building cyber capacity, understanding cyber risk and ensuring the board does to. , understanding cyber black swan events, why companies needs cyber awareness training and many more and many more.

David is making a noteworthy contribution to business development as he is developing and supporting Checkmark partners in Africa to build their own cyber competencies. His business acumen and experience serves to establish and evolve businesses from the ground up to fully fledged, independent cyber practices.