Rudi started hacking as a hobby in high school and has gone on to accumulate more than 20 years of professional experience in the cyber security field.

He prides himself in his ability to communicate effectively around operational risk and impact with executives and stake holders. With a strong understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, he has served as consultant and advisor to a large number of corporate clients including international banks, state owned enterprises as well as publicly traded and multi-national companies at the steer-co and board level. He has a documented track record of overseeing hundreds of penetration test engagements, implementing frameworks and ISMS’ and leading risk and impact assessments. He also proudly served as part of the FIFA 2010 soccer world cup bid company and organizing committee.

Utilizing his significant experience as a penetration tester, he has the ability to view security challenges from an attacker’s perspective which allows for the creation of cohesive, practical and effective security strategies, adjusted for each client’s risk appetite. This attacker’s perspective also allows for exceptionally granular threat modelling and a deep understanding of attack chains and business impact.

He has been invited to speak, both locally and internationally, at various seminars and conferences and writes opinion pieces for various publications.