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The Space for Cyber Awareness Training

We are CheckMark Cyber, and the exclusive distributor of the Terranova Security Cyber Awareness Training platform in Africa.

With a rich history of bolstering cyber resilience and expertise in capacity building for our clientele, CheckMark Cyber now brings you the pinnacle of global cyber awareness training.

Terranova Solutions:

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Terranova Security, has proven over two decades of experience in cultivating cyber heroes worldwide. Their renowned pedagogical framework empowers organisations to instill behavioral changes, mitigate human risk, and combat cyber threats effectively.

By leveraging Terranova Security’s platform, organisations can effortlessly craft risk-based campaigns featuring top-tier training content and realistic phishing simulations. This equips employees to grasp not only the fundamental concepts of cyber security, but the crucial concepts such as phishing, social engineering, data privacy, compliance, and other essential practices, as well. Transforming them from potential liabilities to invaluable assets and cyber heroes.

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